Corporate Architecture

Identity through architecture

edition 1:100 book series

Edition 1:100 is our design scale at which we show ideas and concepts of projects. We are looking for and present in this format architects with special approaches and reactions. We create an informative framework for the idea, the concept up to the presentation of a work. The series is a collection of articles and photos on selected topics. The inspiration for the new or different is the focus of Edition 1:100.

[This book is currently only available in German]


Corporate Architecture embodies the self-image of a company, it creates emotional connections and represents persuasion and success. Corporations such as BMW and Apple have their representative buildings built by renowned architects and thus try to enhance their brand image and generate attention. In recent years, there are also more and more medium-sized businesses, promote their image by an appealing corporate architecture. This involves more than just the facade. The architectural branding creates a USP, makes competitive and attracts people.


Corporate Architecture
Identity through architecture
by Till Schröder
Edited by Mario Hülsmann, Björn Sandmann, Christian Zilisch
Hardcover, 22cm x 28,7 cm
ca. 256 pages
ISBN 978-3-946154-00-6
Published 20.Juli 2015
34,95 € (incl. VAT)
Buchcover Corporate Architecture verkörpert das Selbstverständnis eines Unternehmens, es schafft emotionale Verbindungen und repräsentiert Überzeugungskraft und nicht zuletzt Erfolg [...]


In this book we take a look at architecturally valuable solutions, which are designed by the outside appearance to the smallest details, and embody the individual company profile. The focus is on projects that are primarily focused on internal communication, through research and production facilities, to Showroom- and shop concepts. The selection of projects listed companies shows different professions and orders of magnitude, thus covering a wide range of contemporary corporate architecture from.

More information, projects and offices can be found on the website (german language only).