hidden and lost places

edition 1:1000 book series

Edition 1:1000 is dedicated to the fields of urban planning and everything that can be imaged on this scale. In interviews, stories,  discussions and opinions, however, we leave the abstract bird's view and enter into dialogue on an equal footing.

[This book is currently only available in German]

Hamburg is a very old city, founded at the time of Charlemagne. But you can't see the age of the Free Hanseatic City. Expansion and conversion of the harbor, industrialization and cultural change brought far-reaching changes. Old buildings were demolished, overbuilt. Much disappeared, was lost. This left a few houses and streets that have been too often photographed. 

hidden and lost places
by Till Lenecke
Softcover, 240 x 180 mm
64 pages
ISBN 978-3-946154-12-9
Published 13.06.2016
24,95 € (incl. VAT)
Buchcover von Till Lenecke


Hidden and Lost Places sends his readers on a journey through the modern Hamburg, on a search for inconspicuous and unknown sights. Interesting time capsules are visible, like the last stone circus in St. Pauli, the Schilleroper. The harness racing track in Farmsen and other places but are lost forever.
The book, coupled with its digital expansion, makes existing and past both visible and audible. Pictures, illustrations and audio of the Hamburger Till Lenecke takes us through the history of Germany's second largest city.

Till Lenecke, born on 7 Feburary 1972 in Hamburg, has worked as a mail carrier, cartoonist, educator, offset printers, sailor and in the community service.
As a cartoonist and illustrator, he published at Rowohlt (2013), the Gutenberg Book Guild (2013), at Ehapa, ZACK and Weißblech Comics.
Currently Till Lenecke lives in Münster / Westphalia.