Stadtliches Grün

Current projects & offices in landscape architecture

edition 1:100 book series

Edition 1:100 is our design scale at which we show ideas and concepts of projects. We are looking for and present in this format architects with special approaches and reactions. We create an informative framework for the idea, the concept up to the presentation of a work. The series is a collection of articles and photos on selected topics. The inspiration for the new or different is the focus of Edition 1:100.

[This book is currently only available in German]

Stadtliches Grün shows urban spaces that combine nature and culture - projects that on one hand integrate into the everyday life and on the other hand offer a place where a short retreat from traffic, noise and stress is possible. The focus is mainly on recently developed town squares and open spaces. Represented are designs of selected offices, which fit into the urban context and stand out by using diversity, special aesthetic features and variety of different strategies. 

Stadtliches Grün
Current projects & offices in landscape architecture
Edited by Fenna Tinnefeld
with foreword by Prof. Dr. Stefan Bochnig
Enhanced Softcover, 268 x 215 mm
160 pages
ISBN 978-3-946154-04-4
Published 02.05.2016
29,95 € (incl. VAT)
Buchcover „Stadtliches Grün“ zeigt urbane Räume, die Natur und Kultur vereinen – Projekte, die sich einerseits in den städtischen Alltag [...]

This book shows how landscape architects form the space to the aesthetic sensibilities and the usage requirements of the citizens. For the design of installations in public spaces as many environmental factors must be considered as possibilities to shape the cityscape in an artistic and innovative way.

The editor Fenna Tinnefeld was engaged in modern concepts of landscape architecture in the urban fabric for serveral years and observed the change in social perception and use of urban open spaces. With this selection of exemplary projects the book gives an overview of the specific requirements that are imposed on landscaping architecture today and their potential for modern urban planning. 

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