Wohnen. Hochwertige Raumkonzepte.

edition 1:100 book series

Edition 1:100 is our design scale at which we show ideas and concepts of projects. We are looking for and present in this format architects with special approaches and reactions. We create an informative framework for the idea, the concept up to the presentation of a work. The series is a collection of articles and photos on selected topics. The inspiration for the new or different is the focus of Edition 1:100.

Impressive room sequences, custom interiors and selected materials determine the quality of modern high-class residential architecture. It is the architect’s desire to create a clear and consistent impression of space which is present in all living areas of a building. Whether private or shared rooms, indoor or outdoor spaces – all parts should be designed to provide the same experience and should meet the requirements of the residents. The question of how modern housing should look like can be answered only if individual solutions are faced in detail. That is what this selection of recent residential architecture is going to do. It is supposed to provide an inspiration for architectural offices, building owners and enthusiasts.

Wohnen. Hochwertige Raumkonzepte.
Edited by Christian Zilisch
Hardcover, 287 x 220 mm
280 pages
ISBN 978-3-946154-06-8
Published 20.08.2016
44,95 € (incl. VAT)
Buchcover Das Gestalten von Wohnraum ist seit jeher eine der elementaren Aufgaben des Architekten [...]

The book shows architectural designs that remain versatile and flexible in their uses and are characterized by strong imagery and use of form. Both new constructions, as well as modernizations and expansions of existing buildings are shown and the architectural quality of space is always at the center of attention.

Further information can be found on http://www.hochwertige-raumkonzepte.de upon release.