Wohnen. Urban und gemeinschaftlich

edition 1:100 book series

Edition 1:100 is our design scale at which we show ideas and concepts of projects. We are looking for and present in this format architects with special approaches and reactions. We create an informative framework for the idea, the concept up to the presentation of a work. The series is a collection of articles and photos on selected topics. The inspiration for the new or different is the focus of Edition 1:100.

Urbanity describes the urban habitat of people, characterized by their specific culture. It is determined by the way a city was built, structured and networked. The environment in which its citizens reside and move plays an important role in this respect. This book shows projects which link diverse socio-spatial structures, reduce social distance between different communities and promote interculturality. Life in rural areas becomes more unattractive to many people and all ages and social groups have different reasons to move into cities.

Wohnen. Urban und gemeinschaftlich
Edited by Kristina Foer
Hardcover, 287 x 220 mm
256 pages
ISBN 978-3-946154-08-2
Published 20.09.2016
44,95 € (incl. VAT)
Buchcover Urbanität beschreibt die Charakteristik einer Stadt, als Lebensraum der Bewohner und ihrer Kultur [...]

Pioneering architecture must recognize the attractiveness of urban life and translate it into modern housing. The presented selection of current architectonic designs shows a variety of solutions which take up the challenges of upgrading and densification urban space and cope them creatively.

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