„Deutscher Architektur Verlag“ is a young publishing company, founded by three graduates from the fields of architecture in Münster, Germany. After having gained experiences during their studies, in various offices and in apprenticeship, experience showed, that the field of communication in architecture offered an interesting sphere of activity with largely unexploited opportunities.

For us, the medium book is more than just an instrument for the presentation of information. It is rather a high-quality „means of transport“ for designed quality and stability. From appearance and haptic qualities of selected material through to layout and typesetting – we carefully plan all of our services together with our selected team consisting of architects, designers, editors and digital developers. Interdisciplinary teamwork is truly at the heart of what we do.

Architecture and books are comparable with static and defined time capsules. Upon completion, they are meant to function in the long term. Furthermore, they are thought to offer the eye of the beholder a certain added value.

In order to offer room for extra material and current developments it is of great importance to link books with digital tools. This is why our theme-specific websites should be seen as an extension of print media. In that manner, they deliver the latest projects and specialized content.

Currently we have three different book series

- Edition 1:1  monographs of selected architects

- Edition 1:100 books about specific topics, ie. corporate architecture or modern office buildings

- Edition 1:1000 with city planing, architectural theory, stories and illustrations